spring 2019


925 sterling silver
585 and 750 gold

Timeless design

Never getting tired of clear lines and purism. Rings, earrings and pendants in geometrical patterns transform into wearable sculptures that reflect a modern spirit. The secret is the combination of geometric forms and textured surfaces for each and every creation.  And this is how a perfect symbiosis of clarity, distortion, transparency and entity is created.


Selene Pandion


Pandion – a spiral as the symbol for change and ease of mind. Eye catching contrasts of polished edges and a matted interior surface. A soft play of light and shade.
Iris Pandion


Aphrodite – feminine with a sensual appeal. The shape is based on the drapery of a ribbon. Light as a feather it seems to be carried by the wind.
Deimos Aphrodite
Harmonia Aphrodite
Asia Argos


Argos – a fascinating design of crossed threads. Its composition and characteristics are based on the principles of geometry. This is the secret to create a surprising interplay of transparency and opaqueness.
Kalypso Argos


Dionysos - as mysterious as the branching of a tree. Underlying this is the algorithm of the mathematician Voronoi.
Diskus Dionysos
Maia Dionysos
Gaia Kreios


Kreios – a lacy pattern of overlapping circles. It recalls the ornament “Flower of Life”, a protective symbol, ensuring harmony and the flow of energy.
Damia Kreios


Belleros – inspired by the goldsmith’s technique of granulating. The boundaries between transparency and opaqueness blur. The touch is gentle and soft.
Lamia Belleros