At the beginning there is a magic moment: between a passionate architect with the design vocabulary of the 21st century and a goldsmith. Two fine arts are merging into a unique symbiosis. What follows is the stunning success story of the architect and jewelry designer Thomas Mrokon.
Complex geometries convert into the philosophy of a unique jewelry collection in 3D-technique. High-tech inspires – nature donates: silver, gold and platinum. And this is how unique works of art are created: luxurious, voluminous and at the same time sophisticated and light weight. Not classically manufactured but yet each piece one of a kind. Apparent opposites become a perfect whole.

Made for individuals – made in Germany!
Stunning pieces of jewelry with an own identity and a clear message of the woman who wears them.

I have character.
I am unique.
I am beautiful.
I am worth it!

The magic of sophistication has reached a new dimension.